Rollout is a way for you to make changes safely. Only rules have different rollout modes.

Roll out rules

To roll out a rule for the first time, here is a recommended process:

  • Roll out the rule in the shadow mode to see how well it performs without impacting the workflow decision.
  • If the rule looks good in the shadow mode, update the rollout to active mode with a 1% rollout percentage.
  • Ramp up the rollout percentage to 100%.

When a rule already has a version A in the active mode with 100% rollout percentage, you may come up with a new version B that’s supposedly better.

  • First, roll out version B to the shadow mode. For each rule, there can be one version in the active mode and one version in the shadow mode.
  • If version B performs better than version A, you can now update the rollout of version B to the active mode, which automatically removes version A's rollout. You also want version B to have a 100% rollout percentage so that the workflow doesn’t experience any performance degradation.
  • If version B doesn’t perform better than version A, simply delete the rollout of version B.